Message From Our CEO


Ian Ferguson

Chief Executive Officer

After years of managing a national insurance company, Ian Ferguson the Chief Executive Officer of Hombolt Inc. experienced a severe lack of innovation and opportunity in today’s industry. These issues led to this vision.

To build an organization that would help agents provide for their loved ones.  A company that would utilize technology to solve the 3 issues most Insurance Agencies face; training, recruiting, and of course, leads.

Hombolt Inc. is that Agency!

Most Agencies can excel in 1 or 2 of these areas. The inefficiencies of the industry were apparent right off the start of his career.  Even in the current Life, Health, and Annuity environment, he has still yet to see a company that can excel in all of the 3 high issue areas, without it taking from the Agents to do so.

Hombolt Inc.  provides a training system that takes the average agent, who might only concentrate their sales on renewable product lines or annuity sales, and guides them into a multifaceted Agent! An agent that can become an expert in the entirety of our industry.  The tools most agencies overlook, are the tools we specialize in to bridge the gap to efficiently and effectively transition them from one sale to the next.

A vital function of Hombolt, is its positive culture and procurement of Agent growth.  The innovative National Insurance CEO Ian Ferguson designed a never-done-before recruiting model that solves the recruiting issue.   The recruiting model is designed to support any agent with goals a system that allows them to reach their full possible potential.  We provide the marketing as the direct upline source for recruiting, as well as prospect client leads.  The model is designed to allow the Agent being recruited to come on board at any level based on past experience.   The Agent who created the connection will profit on a percentage of the quarterly earnings (based on 1099 income) if that individual comes on board. This system has contributed to our growth exponentially.

A very important cog in Hombolt’s machine is our lead program. We have arranged systems that follows all the laws of can-spam, and directly gets Agents in front of prospects on a regular basis.

Finally, Ian Ferguson found no better way to reward our industries hard-working agents than with a Day 1 vesting schedule.  This would allow all business belonging to the agents to stay with the agents.