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 The Perfect Storm: Coronavirus, Trump Impeachment, and Jeffrey Epstein

The Perfect Storm: Coronavirus, Trump Impeachment, and Jeffrey Epstein

Plausible Deniability comes to mind during these horrific times when forecasting ahead to the 2020 Presidential Election.  Whether one is a Democrat or a Republican, the Perfect Storm: Coronavirus, Trump impeachment, and Jeffrey Epstein crashing onto U.S. soil will be a smoke screen that will cover the upcoming election.

The Dow Jones over the past month took a hit of 35%.  The Consumer Confidence Index without any doubt has taken a hit.  The question now is whether or not to buy during the Coronavirus Stock Market Sell-Off.  My biggest question about the current economy is, “Why are bonds failing?” Money managers have relied historically on long-dated bonds to serve as a knight in shining armor when financial duress pressured our financial markets.

Looking at the U.S. Debt Clock, is it coincidence that the Perfect Storm: Coronavirus, Trump Impeachment, and Jeffrey Epstein has affected our financial markets during the peak of U.S. Federal tax revenue season?  The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) had to shut down due to the COVID-19. While most investors are weary due to the CBOE Volatility Index being at an all time high, as American’s I believe we are in a Catch-22.  Wall Street, CBOE, and the numerous amounts of other Exchanges that exist in the United States is what separates us from the rest of the world.  CBOE plays an enormous role in the investing transactions that happen due to the U.S. having the ability to not have to wait until maturity to exercise our Options Trading. 

I have 100% faith that the U.S. Economy will rebound.  It always has.  Do I think American’s retiring now base their investment decisions off of what they received for a rate of return when the Dow Jones was at 2,165 in 1982 to 15,425 in 2000?  The answer is Yes.  The Millennial and Generation Z cohorts are now starting their investment portfolios with the uncertainty from events occurring in 2001, 2008, and now.  Decisions for retirees to not outlive their retirement is imperative for Senior America.  Baby boomers are faced with retiring and paying exorbitant fees to have their Assets Managed.  The 4% rule to not outlive investment retirement income is down to 2% according to the Wall Street Journal, and 2.8% according to Morningstar.  Retirees now remember the days in which they could get a Certificate of Deposit (CD) yielding over 12%, while mortgage rates were out of this world.  In 2008 we had the collapse of our Financial Institutions.  Retires experienced the downfall of Indy Mac, Freddie Mac and Sally Mae bailouts, Troubled Asset Relief Program (T.A.R.P.), Mortgage Back Securities, Financial Rating Company issues, etc.  Ben Bernanke was our Chief of our Federal Reserve, and he had no choice but to cut interest rates so low to push consumer spending to stimulate our economy that the scale completely shifted for the U.S. Economy, and again the United States economy was lifted, and consumer confidence spiked.  What now?

What tricks do we have to pull out of our hat as a Nation?  With the possible Impeachment of President Trump, Social Media has taken every avenue possible to stir commotion.   A quarter of American’s don’t think President Trump did anything wrong.  46% of U.S. adults say Trump did something wrong regarding to Ukraine and it was enough to justify an immediately removal from office.  28% of American’s say Trump did something wrong but there was not enough evidence to warrant his removal.  Economists create econometric modals to forecast future events.  Whether it is a valuation of various consumer price index (CPI) baskets to forecast consumer habits or emotional feeling, Presidential confidence must be held as one of the highest valuations for the population of the United States as a Nation.

The United States faced the corruption of Government Agencies Worldwide when the data unfolded about the people that were involved with Jeffrey Epstein.  Upon his arrest on July 6, 2019 after he was incarcerated for only 13 months for 2 crimes as part of a plea deal back in 2008, the media went bonkers with the high level of individuals who were tied to Mr. Epstein.  Jeffrey Epstein held a very high status on Wall Street when he worked for Bear Stearns before he created his own company The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, and had ties to many of the elite that included Bill Clinton all the way to parties with Donald Trump, to even ties to Prince Andrews who is now cooperating with investigators.  With great power comes great responsibility.

I am proud to be a Citizen of the United States of America.  I am proud to be given the liberties this great Nation has to offer in terms of education, the ability of freethinking and freewill, creating my own life path, and the ability to have the rights bestowed upon me by our Founding Fathers.  We are at a critical part of history in which the weight of the world is on us as a Nation with the rest of the world watching.  We will prevail because we are built as a Nation of key individuals that with the trust of the United States population can do what’s best for our neighbors, and for ourselves.

Ian Ferguson CEO of Hombolt Inc.

After years of managing a national insurance company, Ian Ferguson the Chief Executive Officer of Hombolt Inc. experienced a severe lack of innovation and opportunity in today’s industry. These issues led to this vision.